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Home Buying and Closing Process

10 point guide for the home buyers

Once you have found the home you want to buy, there are several additional steps you need to take to close the sale after the purchase and sale agreements have been signed.

Signing a contract to purchase real estate.
Signing a contract to purchase real estate.

Step 1 Accepted Offer:

Immediate upon acceptance of your offer, we will send your ratified contract to your lender. This will facilitate on time closing. Now you and you lender can order the appraisal, and other necessary documents.

Home Inspections
Home Inspections

Step 2 Home Inspection:

The most important thing you need to do to hire a licensed home inspector. You need  find a trustworthy individual. You may ask family and friends for someone. They may know some one or we can share a few names that had done a good job for our past clients. You can check our list, we do not have any affiliation with these companies.

Contingency removal
Contingency removal

Step 3 Contingency removal:

The most common contingencies are inspection, financing, if contingent offer it is the sale of your current home. These conditions must be removed or waived in writing before the sale on your new home can close. There are strict time lines that we will follow up very carefully thought out the transaction.

Appraisal - Title Reports
Appraisal - Title Reports

Step 4 Appraisal and title reports:

Your lender requires a formal appraisal to confirm the value of the home you’re buying. They use your home as a collateral asset to secure the loan. The title report indicates if there are any title issues. Your title company will need a clear title to assure that seller have the right to transfer ownership to you.

Go over your checklist when buying a home
Your checklist

Step 5 Housekeeping items:

Approximately five days prior to closing, make sure that house is in same condition as agreed upon. Even sometimes in a brand new houses, equipment malfunctions. If seller had agreed to do any repairs, check if those are done. Get the utility companies information and set up for it to be turned on the estimated day of closing. Recheck disclosures.

Closing document when buying a home
Closing documents

Step 6 Prepare closing documents:

Escrow service companies prepare documents that confirm the transaction, prorate funds, etc. You should receive an Estimated Hud-1 (this explains the expenses and how much money would you need to bring to the table for closing. A reliable escrow company is very important to co-ordinate everything.

Real Estate Mortgage Approved Loan Document
Signing Loan Documents

Step 7 Signing of loan documents:

This is critical time for both seller and the buyer. Documents have to be delivered to escrow, mostly by email. Your escrow company will need some time to get the docs ready for signing. It includes but not limited to printing, getting notary to schedule with your time schedule to get the docs signed and get those to the lender in a timely manner.

Real estate agent
Real Estate Agent

Step 8 Almost there:

Signed documents go to the lender for final review. This process may take anywhere from a day to 72 hours depending upon how your lender’s guidelines, for funding the loan. Let Escrow Company know where would you like your closing package to be delivered.

Getting your Keys
Recording of sale

Step 9 Recording:

If you are in Orange County CA, your title rep can set up for a special recording on the same day. The deed is recorded and funds disbursed. The seller receives the proceeds the next day or 2 days later if you close Friday. The sale is considered closed when the deed is recorded.

Moving to your new home
Moving to your new home

Step 10 Getting the keys:

The most important and fun part of closing, is getting the keys. It will depend upon your initial contract if you get the keys same days or 3 days or more. Do not expect to get the keys before the recording of title due to liability issues for you and the seller. Yes, your moving van can arrive now. Welcome to your new home.

There are many opportunities for surprises or delays in a transaction. There are multiple parties companies and personalities involved in closing a home purchase. Part of our expertise is in troubleshooting problems that arise in the closing process, including anticipating and preparing for potential problems before they arise, and look for solutions early on.

Exclusive buyer incentive program:

Home buyer incentive program by Zone Realty

We offer buyer incentive program to our exclusive buyers.

Sign up for our Exclusive Buyer Credit.Please email or call us at (714) 646-9212 any time regarding any questions or would you like more information about buying a home and its closing process.

Sign up for our Exclusive Buyer Credit.Please email or call us at (714) 646-9212 any time regarding any questions or would you like more information about buying a home and its closing process.